How To Cheat The Game! -- Use A Hybrid Club

By Jim Mooney

It’s tough not to know what a hybrid club is these days with all of the advertising and commercial mumbo jumbo pimping this new line of equipment. All commercialization aside, these are truly a revolutionary club bringing better scores one step closer to the average golfer.

Let’s answer some basic questions anyone new to hybrids is asking:

What is a hybrid?
A hybrid club combines the best characteristics of an iron and wood together to create an easier to hit club. Hybrids maintain a look that embodies the best of both an iron and wood. These clubs typically have shorter shafts than woods with the same loft and are most often labeled according to loft rather than the long iron numbers they replace.

Why use a hybrid?
I think the better question is “Why NOT use a hybrid?” Let’s face it, 90% of golfers are no more than weekend warriors who could use all the help they can get, whether they want to admit or not. Arguably the toughest clubs to hit in the average golfer’s bag consistently are the long irons. That’s where hybrids come in. The larger head of the hybrid creates a visual confidence over the long iron. The shorter shaft makes the club easier to hit consistently.

We’ve all been 175 yards from the green with a long iron in our hands, thinking about all of the times we’ve chunked this exact same shot. With the knifelike blade with a sharp leading edge and narrow sole of a long iron, there is little margin for error. The characteristics of the hybrid minimize mishits and off-center shots giving you consistency and accuracy you might feel you can only produce with your shorter irons. A hybrid is a more playable club overall.

How to use a hybrid?
That’s the easy part. Use it everywhere! Not only is it a great club for replacing your long iron shots from the fairway, it’s perfect for hitting out of the rough and less-than-perfect lies. Hybrids are also great for hitting out of the sand, putting around the fringe, and even off the tee when you need to make sure you’ll hit it in the fairway.

The best part is you don’t have to change your swing to effectively use a hybrid club. You’ll want to demo different lofts and get fitted for your particular swing, but fundamentally, you’ll hit a hybrid much like you do an iron. Your local golf shop can help you determine the best hybrids to replace your higher lofted fairway woods and long irons.

Will a hybrid really make a difference?
Absolutely! I’m a firm believer. The true value of these clubs is they’re something you can experiment with. You’ll find yourself hitting the ball more consistently and even longer with hybrids making your long iron troubles a thing of the past.

About the Author: Jim Mooney is an avid golfer and student of the game. He is dedicated to providing resources to help golfers at all levels at his site http://www.deargolf.com.


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